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Dante's. ."Inferno”

The film of Dante's “Inferno,” produced by the Milano Company, is now being shown daily, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., at the Theatre de Luxe, 65, Strand, W.C. It was certainly a formidable undertaking to produce such a picture, and the great difficulties in the way will be readily understood by those who read Dante's work. But these difficulties, have been overcome, and the film as presented is as complete as it could well be. Dante is conducted through the Inferno on his way to Purgatory and Paradise by Virgil, who has been sent to him by Beatrice. [lt will be remembered that. it is to Beatrice that Dante's “Inferno” owes its origin.] Together Dante and Virgil·enter the Gate of Hell~ and sensational in the highest degree are the scenes that follow. On they go through the various circles. Dante views with undisguised horror the torment. to which those who have wrought evil in this world are subjected. Now they are pursued by demons, now led by an angel, and yet again assisted in their progress by descending to a lower pit on the hack of Geryon, whose "face the semblance of a just man wore, so kind and gracious was its outward cheer; the rest was serpent all.” At last they reach the lowest circle, where "Lucifer, that emperor who sways the realm of sorrow, at mid breast from the ice stood forth.” Then Dante and Virgil climb up once more into the light of day.-.” thence issuing we again beheld, the light of stars”

The Bioscope, October 31, 1912